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Cost reduction strategy is key

Tourism & Travel: [ One Industry's Cost Reduction Review ].

The recent economic downturn has seen the revenue of most industries shrink. The Tourism and Travel Industry is no exception. However, considering that it could be worse, the application of cost reduction strategies, a value analysis tool has mitigated a further loss in the area of ticketing.

A case in point is the issuing of electronic tickets commonly called e-tickets by travel vacation and tour agents as alternative to traditional issued tickets.

How The Tourism & Travel Industry Reduces Cost!

Travelers using the internet can now print their own e-tickets at home saving the travel vacation and travel tours agents money through the non issuance of traditional tickets which cost money.

Major hotels and other tourism hospitality and management groups now provide travelers access to printing e-ticket boarding passes. This saves the airlines money and provides for a good traveler-hotel benefit.

Travelers can now purchase their tickets online and save precious gas money by not driving to the travel vacation agents to buy their tickets. Travelers can also find discounted hotel deals, tickets on sale or simply cheaper tickets to purchase online.

Understanding this tourism and travel industry case in point will enable you to investigate how you can employ Value Analysis, a Cost Reduction Management Strategy as a tool to reduce cost and increase profit.

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Value analysis strategies yield efficiency and savings that results in financial bottom line increase.