Supplier value chain analysis

Supplier Value Chain Analysis Improvement!

Limiting access to supplier value chain development to specific purchasing group will not always generate the level of expectations that your company and all stakeholders expect of their suppliers.

Creating diverse suppliers with incentives that promotes competition that yields expected quality and function is desirable.

Supplier value Analysis

However, adding value analysis strategies which include value re-engineering, six sigma lean practices and next level project management skills will bring much needed supplier value chain improvement.

With value analysis, several more resources from outside the purchasing group are engaged in the entire process of evaluation of suppliers along with their product and service. Without sacrificing function and quality suppliers are engaged in periodic analysis of their products and services through the purchasing group with other functional areas to generate cost saving ideas which eventually become cost reduction projects.

How To Select Suppliers!

In selecting suppliers, purchasing and other business units combine their resources and use tools such as Pugh Analysis in evaluating and selecting suppliers. Function, value, cost saving ideas, quality and performance joint activities through value analysis improve the supplier chain activities

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