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This website was created out of passion by the author to share his success in the corporate world in a way that will provide useful and applicable information to anyone and institutions alike. is one of the mediums I use., a KPH Corp. business unit is a medium through which Value Analysis as a management tool is exploited for the benefit of institutions and individuals who are caught up by decisions on re-structuring, laying off valuable employees as the sole means of improving their revenue generation or improving their economic viability. The strategic solutions provided come from years of training and application in the field whereby revenues are generated from areas within institutions that were not expected. In some cases for certain institutions, targets for value improvement, cost reduction have been exceeded each year. This has been achieved on products and services and numerous times through a more practical training workshops for others. Employers and clients have ranged from every sector private and non-private.

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VaAnalysis is a registered name for Value Analysis.

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