Customer Satisfaction

Customer is always first

Customer Satisfaction Improves

Traditionally, customer satisfaction is driven by market research from the field collecting likes and dislikes which are used as basics for producing perceived quality features and price that a segment of the population want.

In certain industries, the addition of consumer wants such as desired features in a product or services have driven up costs. With cost going up, consumers tend to shy away from the final product or service especially in tough economic times.

What Values Analysis Did !

The advent of value analysis has placed more emphasis on function, quality and lower cost which is what customers need. Now, customer satisfaction as it relates to suppliers and their primary customers is influenced by the advantages of applying value analysis.

The following benefits from value analysis often translates into improved customer satisfaction namely;

  1. Same or better function with reduced costs.
  2. Institution competitiveness improves
    Overall cost reduction.
Generate Additional Revenue
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