Applying Value Analysis Strategies

Healthcare; Investigating value through quality and cheaper alternatives abroad.

The cost of healthcare has grown significantly especially in developed countries and some developing countries as well.

However, for those looking for healthcare management solutions, there are a number of growing low cost, high quality care facilities throughout the world.

For those in the U.S. for example where stem cell procedures are not an option, you can investigate variety of healthcare management procedures of that nature abroad in countries like India.

Healthcare Tourism Strategy 

Patients can cut cost by embarking on healthcare tourism for their procedures. You can cut cost by as much as 30 to 80 percent.  

After a thorough, healthcare management, medical and facilities search, one can find comfortable facilities and unique destinations.

You can further cut cost by purchasing your medical aids or equipments online.

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Case study: A lady saves 75 percent of a procedure including air tickets and hotel stays for recuperating after a procedure overseas.


Note worthy cities of countries of the world known for health tourism

There are about thirty or more countries that cater to the world health tourism for travelers seeking health care management and procedure solutions at a reduced cost. 

What to do before traveling abroad for health care

As an informed health care consumer, you must research thoroughly about the healthcare management procedure, the city and the countries as well as their reputation and proof usually from case studies and testimonies from real patients.