Applying Value Analysis Strategies

Financial Case Studies

Banking and securities in the United States, Europe and a few other countries of the world have taken an unprecedented beaten from the recent economic downturn. The impact has been severe and more profound in places like the United States where a lot of middle class employees have lost their income. 

Many businesses have gone out of business and most had to be bailed out by their governments. This situation is bound to repeat if financial institutions do not put in measures to minimize the catastrophic effects of such times by initiating and incorporating value analysis strategies.

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Lesson: Why Value Analysis Is Essential

Not only was the United State and  Europe hit had by the financial crisis, some parts of Asia face the same effects. Such countries like Japan and Korea were not spared because their economies  are closely tied to that of Europe and the United States.

Many banking institutions collapsed. And a number of those who survived temporarily. were bought by or taken over by the bigger banks who received bail out money from the government especially in the United States.

Also a lot of banking and other financial institutions could have mitigated the harsh effects of the financial melt down if they had included value analysis as part of their continuous improvement programs.

Value Analysis Strategies:

Value Analysis strategies are employed to mitigate institutional losses and prevent institutions from going under..

For banking , securities and other financial companies to increase its financial bottomline and become competitive, the principles of value analysis must be incorporated into company policies and practically applied through out the yearly and beyond.

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Revenues realized from the cost reduction efforts does go towards the overall financial strength of the institution.